Hail Damage Repair in Dallas, Texas

DFW Storm Solutions in Dallas, Texas, provides FREE Hail damage repair for your personal or commercial vehicle or property. You can't afford to not contact us.

FREE Hail Damage Repair for Your Vehicle

The hail damage repair process can cost you $0 out-of-pocket in most cases.  When the initial estimate is done the deductible is taken out of the check.  This amount of money is to be collected at the end of the repairs.  There are ways around the deductible however, and they are easier than you may think.  There are a couple of ways your deductible can be waived:

First, and more preferably is referrals.  At the time of  drop off a referral sheet is given.  With this sheet we are able to stay busy all year round by doing a good job and sticking to what we say were going to do.  The referrals are not required to come through, but if they do however, we will go back and give you $100-$300 per referral as a thank you.  Therefore, you get a little cash in your pocket, the referral gets their car fixed for FREE, and we get more business.  This is great win, win, win situation, and the amount of referrals that you receive money is unlimited.

The second way is with a part allowance.  Parts may include things such as moldings for doors windows or roofs.  This is not noticeable but will be included in the estimate from the insurance company.  This is done with the intention that the insured will purchase parts at their leisure.



When a vehicle shows up we use the same software as your insurance company.  CCC1 is the newest form of CCC Pathways and is the benchmark for estimation programs.  Geico is still using Pathways but Farmers has already switched to the newer CCC1.  There is a chart that is submitted to us by the insurance companies that we follow to find our hail prices.  If there are 51 quarter size dents on a hood, the set price is $400.  The price is set in stone therefore, the insurance companies don't try to talk the price down.

History of Paintless Dent Repair

Paintless Dent Repair was discovered in the 1940's at a Mercedes dealership.  One of their technicians figured out how to repair dents and door dings without the use of bondo and painting.  He used the convex side of a spoon!  This worked only temporarily however, since the new cars from the 50's till the late 80's had stronger steel.  In the early 90's the process of PDR became relevant again and is now the preferred way to fix dents, hail damage and door dings, since metal has become soft again.



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